New Beginnings

[Owner] IceNinja a posted May 30, 16

Hey everyone,

As many of you may know HaydzCraft Revitalized was halted due to the fact of HaydzCraft closing. For those of you who don't know what HC Revitalized was, it was a project I was working on with the other staff members planned to release this summer for HaydzCraft with all new servers etc, with HC closing this project was paused. 

Knowing this, after all of the press made about it, the staff and I couldn't just leave you all with nothing. That is why Star and I, as well as the HC staff team are creating this new network, Radiant-MC for all of you to play on! It's the same HaydzCraft community you all know and love, but with new, fresh, custom, updated servers.

Radiant-MC has become the HaydzCraft Revitalized update that we promised, only with a new name and new beginnings.

Now, some of you may be asking what about our ranks we have purchased over the years?

All of your HaydzCraft ranks will transfer to this new network, and we can't wait for its release.

On release, we will have : Factions, Skyblock, Prison, and Creative with more servers being added in the future!

Our servers will be releasing this summer! We hope you all join us on this new updated network, as with HC closing, this will be the new hang out spot for all the players!

As of right now our Hub is open for you all to come play on!


If you have any suggestions for what you all want added to the new network, please comment them below or private message staragata or myself.

We are open to everyones ideas and can't wait for our release!

We have a large list currently to do but we will be sure to keep you all updated with regular posts!

Our new website is up and ready to be explored :

Thanks Everyone! - IceNinja

If you have any questions, ask below, pm me, or comment on one of my videos!

Also be sure to follow us on twitter for updates as well: @Radiant_MC

Stay updated here : My YouTube | Click Me For Updated Information!

Haydz is not a part of Radiant, and has become busy with IRL matters and has moved on to bigger and better things :) If you see him around, say hey!