Hey guys,

This has been an amazing run, Hundreds of thosands of unique players, countless updates over the years.

But unfortunalty the server has come to an end, As many of you know I quit Minecraft and actually havn't been involved in the server for over a year. I tried to keep the servers up for the sake of the players but the longer I was away the more the servers numbers declined. 

I would like to thank all the staff HC has had over the years, They have been the only reason why the server was able to continue so long without me.

Also just to clear some confusion up, The server is closing because there is no one I can find that can bring the server back to life and be able to earn enough money to cover expences. 

As you would remember there has been many admins promoted for the task of running the servers, unfortunalty after being promoted many of them relised how hard it was and quit/left. I would like to thank the only remaining Admin IceNinja for his hard work. But even IceNinja could not keep the server in the positive. And It would be silly for me to keep paying him to run a server thats losing money.

So whats next? Well I happend to know a very simlar server network which is run by my friend Markoodle!

So if your looking for somewhere to play make sure to check out:
Website: www.Minefrenzy.com
Server IP: mc.MineFrenzy.com

Thank you everyone who has played!