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May 11, 2013
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Apr 23, 2014 at 7:12 AM
    1. Sirius
      Haydz I did not get my money yet. AleenaBaby Told me to contact u in anyway.Im talking about ig money not kit money xD, AleenaBaby said i got my Kit money already. but i didn't get my donation money i donated for like 300 something k
    2. Marcus
      Haydz I'd appreciate it if you could give me some way to communicate with you, cheers
    3. ArildMC
      Hey Haydz. I have a quetstion: Why im I banned from the prison server ?? I think it was Munnikalec007 That did it so PLZ let me know Why I got banned and for How Long
    4. Theking134
      Hey haydz, Remember me? Im the one who posted the kitpvp staff app. You said you would consider staff after it's upgraded, Well now it's upgraded and I was wondering if I was gonna get the rank. Could you plz let me know when u get a chance? thx
    5. jkuzz
      Hello :)
    6. bananaboy350
      Haydz it says i have been banned for 1h and its been 24 hours on pvp server/factions???????? why?
    7. DragonFireGirl8
      Hmm... Is it me or does everyone just want to become a Mod or Helper? ... Oh yeah, hi Haydz! :3
    8. Soulreaper
      Haydz, please check my applicasion for helper on Haydz prison server
      -from Soulreaper9991 ([email protected])
    9. Finalchance676
      Haydz, If you don't mind, please check out my application for helper on Prison.
      Thanks :)
    10. luigi2471
      Haydz could you please check out my application for helper on Prison General chat Helper Application luigi2471
    11. Zombieslayer 509
      WAZZUP Haydz! i just wanted to say Hi. BYE
    12. LaughUntilYouDie
      Haydz, I've been helping out a lot lately. Can you check out my application. I just really wan't to become staff, and start helping out more!
      1. Matheus-Minecraft
        Haydz checks all of the apps, he saw it
        Feb 6, 2014
    13. Heroic539
      For the Mod/Helper Application Thread 20/11/13 is it for hub.haydzcraft.com or PvP.haydzcraft.com? Plz respond on my profile page
      1. dakotat
        its for the pvp
        Jan 26, 2014
    14. ByTGSNL
      is it posible to change my age, i set it to 2001 (12) but it is 1998 (15)
    15. ButterPanda
      Haydz on my application for the mod, i was such a idiot i forgot to leave my in game name, here it is if im picked Butterbean10
    16. Charlie Ro
      Haydz when are you going to check the apps? It has been over a month and a half and still nothing has been done. So many people are complaining in the ban/unban request page. Do something about it because honestly if you do not, then this thing is going to hell.
    17. TotGamingDK
      Can u pls try to do somthing about the lag on the prison server ?..Thanks... Love the server btw ;)!
    18. VenomSpikes
      When do you check helper applications?
    19. jake saunders
      check my email pleas :D
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