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    Hey guys,

    So as you probably know the PvP server was reset, And now I am going to be looking to get a good staff team to help me manage the server.

    Alright so if you wish to apply for mod please read the requirements and answer the questions below and post it in this thread. But please note we do not need more mods at this stage but I am creating this to give those people who deserve it a chance. This form will be up forever and I will continue to check it for new mods when needed.

    • Must be 16 or over
    • Must Play a min of an hour a day (Most days, Obviously you can still go on holidays and miss random days for whatever reason)
    • Must have Donated on the server (shows your invested in the server and less likely to want to abuse your powers)
    Form to copy paste and then fill out below:

    In-Game Name:
    Skype: (if you don't want to post it here I will pm you if you get through to next stage)
    Have you ever ran your own server? If so how many players:
    Why you think you should be picked? And any proof of above:
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Discussion in 'Latest News/Announcements' started by Haydz, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. Brayx
    Good luck guys, please take your time and try your hardest as it's not as easy as you think.

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  2. Matt Copley
    Well.. I am blaming this on my mother, do I think this is kinda unfair...kinda but its fine. Good luck to all.
  3. mochamouth
    why 16 please lower it the other mod application was younger
  4. mochamouth
    what about other servers ????
  5. mochamouth
    16?? really/>?????????????
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  6. Richard woods
    so where do i put my application i have copied and pasted it
  7. firestorm201
    i don't think it is unfair because there mod on the pvp server that are very helpful that are not over 16

    second some people can't have skype because of some reason

    third i think u sould read my trail-mod idea on teh suggestion page

    this way u can find helpful people by using the trail-mod thing i came up for and if they not good enoghe for u than u can demote them
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  8. Matt Copley
    I mean I could see them lowering it a couple of years... but Its ok Ill go cry in bed for 40 day and 40 nights, then come out and play some more Minecraft. xD
  9. brokenmowlaei
    In-Game Name: brokenmowlaei
    Age: 16
    Skills: server making skills, also video cam, utubeing
    Skype: Haydz_Beast_Pvper
    Playing time: everyday like 4hours a day
    server: I once ran a server it had 43 people on at the most until it got greifed
  10. timolenain
    In-Game Name: timolenain
    Age: 16, 17 in 18 days.
    Skills: No skills :/
    Skype: timocollin
    Have you ever ran your own server? If so how many players: My friend did , i was doing it with him and weve stop because nobody was playing in it, well yeah..
    Why you think you should be picked? And any proof of above: Because a lot of person know me on haydzcraft, im helping the community by doing proof in the forum of hackers and all. Im playing since 8 months. A good player and a fair server. Well i like this server a lot. A got a different time then australia ( Canada) so i can be on when others cant ! :D

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  11. mochamouth
    i dont no u
  12. mochamouth
    In-Game Name:moachamouth
    Skills: Im mature and can play minecraft
    Skype: aydenrules1
    Have you ever ran your own server? Yes,was the first one ever to by a server from haydzsolution
    Max players allowed on the server was 5 and yes it was full a few times.Why you think you should be picked? Because i am mature and had enough of the lack of mods. Playing time:5 or 6 hours each school afternoon or day. on weekends the whole day and night except for sleep!
  13. firestorm201

    well i don't trust u but u never hack so that a good thing but u do trash talk and cuss at other players
  14. mochamouth
    mm really when and how when was this
  15. mochamouth
    oopps thought
    u were saying me
  16. firestorm201
    in-game name: firestorm201
    age: 12
    skilled: catching hackers and fast at typing but bad at spelling and that also y i am making typo so much reason: type 2 fast lol
    Skype: will be having one here soon
    i never run a server before or been a mod before but i was going 2 but my internet can't connect with my friends server
    i think i should be pick because i love helping others and i love helping the server! it is very fun when it came 2 helping !
  17. Matt Copley
    Must be at least age 16.
  18. firestorm201
    just hope that age 12 or higher can be mod or at least trail-mod pls read my suggestion under the forum called suggestion and something
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