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Discussion in 'Prison General Chat' started by SpartahMC, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. SpartahMC Administrator

    Hey Guys, as you all know the Prison server has had a big growth and is now averaging the same players as PvP. Because of this reason we are looking for a few Helpers. To fit in with Prison your tag will be [Guard] you will be in charge of moderating chat make sure there is no safezoners. You will need to act mature in this role and not be offensive to other players.

    In Game Name:
    Age: Does not matter being dishonest is worse.
    Why you think you should be staff:
    Other Information:

    If u get accepted you will be contacted on skype for an interview.
  2. minilack1313 Active Member

    Prison Application
    IGN - minilack1313
    Age - 12 Almost 13
    I think I should be staff cause Im mature for my age and I think I could keep the prison straight and in any way I would like to help
    Other Inform - I dont play on haydz anymore , so I can be moderoting prison has much as possible
    Skype - minilack2
  3. Diamond_King_23 New Member

    Prison Application
    In Game Name - Diamond_King_23
    Age - 17
    I think I should be mod because I really want to support haydz with his servers as much as possible. I have recently just started on the prison server as it got up and I found it out to be a very enjoyable game I deserve this position because I believe that I can help out the server catching hackers if needed or even catching people making traps.
    I Should be apart of the Haydzcraft staff because I believe I can help you guys out on all of your servers in ways that will help the members of the prison server.

    other info: I was recently caught hacking on pvp server but this was me on my fathers computer which me and my father use and he had installed huzuni I had always wondered what it was until confused and aleena told me lol. I had uninstalled it but my father installed it again so I was made to use my dog laptop.

    Skype Max Boston I don't think u will be able to find me but I will be able to find u
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  4. Prison Application

    IGN: Bender_Rools
    Age: 14
    I think I should be a Guard on the prison server because I have lots of experience and have spent much time on prison servers. I also want to deal with scamming, because that is a serious problem. I have played on Haydzcraft for a while and have had much experience with other people. On the prison server if someone asks for a donation, most of the time, If I can, supply them with that money. Times I can be on are weekends, and from 3-? EST.

    other info: Studies Psychology- I know how people work :D
    Skype: Bender_Rools
  5. confused_stoner Well-Known Member

    Good luck guys.
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  6. deanmoisey98 Member

    In Game Name: Deanmoisey98(Elite)Rank P/Q
    Age: 16
    Why you think you should be staff is because (I'm staff on the pvp server and on sync mc-prison server) also I'm I am aware of how important the staff roles are and how much their decisions can effect the players on the server.im very mature andmy decisions will be un biased, I would love to become a staff member on this server. Thx :)
    Skype (you have it)
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  7. IRealStormy New Member

    In Game Name: ProjectStormy
    Age: 14
    Why you think you should be staff: I love the community and I would like to support it in anyway I could possible, I am very active and I would like to see this server be even more successful then it already is. I know a lot of the community already, and I have a lot of experience with this community, and would love to be more helpful in some other way then just building. I know how to use the powers I will receive with this staff rank and will not abuse them. I am caring and would not mind helping anyone that needs it.
    Other Information: Friendly, moderate building, mature, trustworthy.
    Skype: ...
  8. GunOnlyBro New Member

    Why you think you be staff:I think I should be staff because I am mature enough to do the job. I love helping out the community and I want everyone to have a fun experience on the server.
    Other info:I've donated on the pvp server (elite) and I've donated on prison already (elite). I've been playing prison for a while, so im aware of how it works.
    Skype:you have it ( im able to take an interview anytime except for today) Hope you like my application.
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  9. Legend98900 Member

    Why i think i should be staff:I love to help people and i find so many plot traps its unbelievable and I thally ink I am maturer than other 12 year olds. Im really active and have donated $50 of my own money to the pvp server (which is allot when your 11) and i would love to help the server
    Skype: Ill edit this when i get one
    Other info: I play Minecraft in 3/4 of my free time because usually i have nothing else to do, call me sad but i still enjoy it.

    I hope you consider my application :)

    sorry if you thought i was 12 i missed typed!
  10. madmag1 New Member

    IGN: madmag1
    Age: 12
    Why you think you should be staff: I think I should be staff as I want to help everyone have a good time.
    Other Information: I am mature for my age and am good at thinking of new ideas. Time Zone: BST/GMT
    Skype: magnusthebosslol
  11. holzeri New Member

    IGN Holzeri
    Age: 14
    Why you think you should be staff: I think I should be staff because
    - People like me
    - I am fair
    - I have experience
    - I can be on in the morning (We need staff then)
    - I play A LOT!
    Other information: I am clever and can do things myself.
    Skype: Jonasiversby
  12. Alphapanda13 Active Member

    In Game Name: Alphapanda013
    Age: 11, Once again I would like to say, age doesn't matter as long as you are mature. (I'm mature most of the time.)
    Why you think you should be staff: I believe I would be a great staff member on the prison server since I'm quite familiar with prison servers and I know how to handle situations whether it be spamming, abuse or anything else that is a bannable and/or mutable offence. I know this doesnt sound too great, but I'm not too sure what to add here. If you know me from the pvp server, Im quite fair to others and I get along with most of the players of the server. I have not yet donated to the server since I'm not that active but I will try to get more active.
    Other Information: My time zone is (UTC+10:00) Which is Melbourne, Canberra And Sydney. I know quite a fair amount of commands, I'm quite clever and alot of players like me!
    Skype: Alphapanda13
    Other contacts :
    YouTube : AlphaPanda013
    Email : gamingpanda13@gmail.com

    Thanks for reading! :D
  13. maxdiggs New Member

    In Game Name: Maxdiggs
    Age: 12
    Why I want to be staff: I want to help support the server and grow the community.
    Other information: I am F rank and love the server, I play all the time
    Skype: maxdiggs01 (I don't really use Skype)
    Thanks for your time
  14. BurninSeagul Member

    In-Game Name: BurninSeagul
    Age: 15
    Why I think I should be staff: Since I play the prison server more than the PVP server, I would like to become a real big part of the develop and moderation of this server for reason that I love the people and community that play on it. Every time I log on the server I find some new and find one more person that I can call " friend ". So what I'm saying is that I am already friends with more than 50% of the players that log on. I would love to be noticed as a helper on such a good player based server.
    Other Information: Name: Jayvonnte Rankins. I have been a server owner and loved meeting every new player that joined and will act the same as if I were Helper.
    Skype: jtheboss911
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  15. Alphapanda13 Active Member

    Good luck mate.
  16. mochamouth Member

    In-game-name: moachamouth
    Age: 13
    Why i think I should be staff: Because i play on prison servers alot and know how to fix most of peoples problems.
    I can handle hard situations and I am mature. I love the server alot and always wanted to help out by been a staff member. I can be on 5hours everyday and all day weekends. I have never been banned and I always encourage people to come play on the prison server. I always am nice to people and no what deserves a ban or a mute. I love the haydzcraft community and always want to do my part in the haydzcraft community. I spend all my time, i mean all my time on the haydzcraft servers, on the odd occasion I pop onto other servers but i spend 90% of my time on haydzcraft. I believe that the haydzcraft community will benifit from me and i am always out there trying to catch hackers. I dont believe anyone saying that they know if someone hacks unless they have full proof. I have learnt from many admins like brayx and have been a mod on a small server. I had my own server once and i understand that choosing reliable mods, is important and i believe that i am very reliable. I have a sense of humour and if i dont know what to do i will contact another mod or admin. Thank you for taking the time to have a look into my application to become a staff member. Thank you- Ayden or Moachamouth
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  17. Spruxx Member

    Good luck :)
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  18. mochamouth Member

    thanks dude hey u wanna play on the prison server now
  19. BurninSeagul Member

    Thanks for the support.
  20. holzeri New Member

    I also live in the time zone central europeian tim (+1) thats when we really need staff!

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